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Because the perfect shave is more than a simple routine.

Bring the barbershop right into your home.

Exclusive razors
Hochwertige Rasur mit der Exklusiv-Serie

ESBjERG Exclusive Series

The modern man attaches great importance to a well-groomed appearance, this is no secret. The shave as well as beard care plays an essential role. And that is exactly why our exclusive series consists of high-quality shaving products, starting with the right shaving cream, the shaving brush to the razor.

ESBjERg Rasiermesser und Rasierpinsel
Choices for wet shaving

The supreme discipline of shaving.

Wet shaving is becoming more and more popular these days. But there are big differences when it comes to handling.

The razor shave is something for connoisseurs of shaving. No other shaving tool works so thoroughly.

Straight razor
The razor plane marks the golden mean in wet shaving. More thorough than a system razor, but still easier to use than the classic straight razor.

System razor
Equipped with numerous safety features, the system razor guarantees by far the least risky shave. There are models with up to six blades that individually swivel to adjust to the irregularities of the face.

ESBjERG Rasierzubehör
Everything you need for the perfect shave

The right accessories for every skin type.

In addition to the personal razor, the right care products must not be missing.

Shaving gel:
With the gel spreads a thin film over the skin, which noticeably facilitates the sliding of the blade. Precise beard styling succeeds best with the shaving gel.

Shaving creams:
Shaving creams are particularly gentle on the skin and produce a rich lather for a gentle and close shave.

Shaving brush:
The shaving brush should feel just as good when lathering up, as it massages the skin and stimulates circulation. The badger hair brush is one of the high-quality classics.

A welcome alternative

Natural cosmetics in men’s care

Life is no walk in the park for the skin. Today, air pollution, stress and harmful environmental influences take their toll on man’s largest organ more than in the past. Natural cosmetics therefore offer a welcome alternative to conventional products.

Penhaligons Parfüms
Exclusive worlds of fragrances

Communication with every breath

Exclusive fragrances are special combinations of high-quality essences created by traditional perfumers. These kinds of fragrances enrich every breath. With the help of these unique nuances, we spoil ourselves and communicate with others. A time when people celebrate individuality is also the era of high-class perfumes and eau de toilettes.