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Exclusive razors

ESBjERG Exclusive Series

Our ESBjERG exclusive series consists of high quality shaving products as well as noble and soothing perfumes. Because only through the highest quality standards you can achieve a result that meets the demands of today’s modern world. Starting with the selection of the material as well as the ingredients up to the processing, the passion for detail plays a major role. True experts will not only appreciate our ESBjERG exclusive series, but love it.

Straight Razors

More than just a routine

Shaving with a straight razor nowadays has become much more than just a routine, it is a ritual to fight against the everyday stress, to slow down and take time for yourself. By shaving with an exclusive razor, the morning routine gains quality and the result clearly speaks for itself. An experience that every man must have made once.

Straight razors

Well groomed masculinity

Shaving is not only a necessary act of personal hygiene, but a pleasurable ritual under the sign of well-groomed masculinity. The basic equipment includes a razor, shaving cream and shaving brush. Here we go. Simply enjoy the time to devote to your own body, to care and pamper it.

Wet shaving is the most effective shaving method. The choice of the required tool is not least a question of personal taste.

Exclusive shaving creams

The right care for everyone

Adapted to the individual skin types and preferences in natural fragrance essences, everyone will find the right product for individual wet shaving in the ESBjERG Exclusive Series.

Especially for normal to dry skin types, the use of a shaving cream from the ESBjERG Exclusive Series is recommended.

Exclusive worlds of fragrances

Communication with every breath

Exclusive fragrances are special combinations of high-quality essences created by traditional perfumers. These kinds of fragrances enrich every breath. With the help of these unique nuances, we spoil ourselves and communicate with others. A time when people celebrate individuality is also the era of high-class perfumes and eau de toilettes.