Geo.F.Trumper – Spanish Leather Shaving Cream Bowl

High-quality shaving cream with the spicy-bitter scent classic Spanish Leather in the handy jar. The glycerin-based texture ensures a rich foam, preparing the beard hair optimally for the shave and is easy at use. The result being a refreshed and smooth skin. The warm, stimulating scent of Spanish Leather Shaving Cream makes shaving to a sensual act. Suitable for normal skin.


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The Geo. F. Trumper Spanish Leather Shaving Cream makes the daily shave to a sensual adventure. The balanced formula of the glycerin-based shaving cream makes for a rich-protecting foam , allowing for a caring and thorough shave. The skin is moisturized and equipped with the warm scent of spicy patchouli and bitter musk. The beard hair is optimally prepared for shaving. The blade can glide smoothly, making for a soft and thorough shave. With its nourishing essences, the shaving cream is suitable for normal skin. In order to take your favorite Spanish Leather Shaving Cream on travels, it is available in the handy tube.

Products of the Spanish Leather Line

The Spanish Leather Line of Geo. F. Trumper allows for a selected care and pampers you from head to toe with its variety of products. In addition to the premium shaving cream, Geo. F. Trumper offers a cologne, a nourishing skin food and a shaving cream – either in the jar or as the practical tube of the same line. After the care routine, the Spanish Leather Aftershave makes for the perfect round-off. To end a stressful day, take a revitalizing warm shower with the Spanish Leather Bathing Soap or with the Spanish Leather Hair and Body Wash.


The impressive scent of Spanish Leather is the infinite classic of the British style. The warm, energy-loaded composition carries a spicy base note with bitter points. The unusual notes of rose and geranium are embedded in the full depth of woody nuances. The sensual waves of bitter musk and coating patchouli characterize this classic pleasant scent.


Lather the shaving cream with the help of a wet shaving brush in the jar. Wet the skin with some warm water. Now evenly distribute the rich foam of the spots to be shaved. Enjoy the pleasant, thorough shave. After shaving, wash off any residue of the foam with some warm water.


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