Baobab Collection

Baobab Collection

Luxurious scented candles & room scents

With the luxurious products of Baobab Collection, there are very special scents at ESBjERG, which are not only made for the nose, but also for the eye. Made in Belgium, the candles are processed with high-quality waxes, so that the burning is almost soot-free and a long burning time is guaranteed.

Stories that come to life

All materials are carefully selected and lovingly crafted by only the finest European artisans. Baobab Collection brings to life with its candle creations stories that are just waiting to be told: an invitation to a sensory journey where the aesthetics and the heavenly fragrance of the objects merge.

My First Baobab

The exclusivity of the “My First BAOBAB” collection is emphasized by the elaborate workmanship. The hand-blown glass vases are elaborately screen-printed and additionally refined with 9 carat gold or real platinum. The flames of the candles, together with the elegant decor of the glass, create an interesting play of light and shadow.