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Norbeck – Rebell Warm Vanilla Shaving Cream 130g

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Experience the comforting notes of Warm Vanilla Shaving Cream, where every lather orchestrates a harmonious blend of opulent, aromatic melodies. Allow the comforting scent of warm vanilla to enfold you, elevating your shaving ritual into an exquisite journey of pure indulgence.


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The Scent

The comforting embrace of Warm Vanilla Shaving Cream, where each lather brings forth a symphony of rich, aromatic notes. Imagine a gentle breeze carrying the essence of vanilla notes, infusing the air with warmth and sweetness. The luxurious blend evokes a sensation of cozy and relaxing evenings. Let the soothing aroma of warm vanilla envelop you, transforming your shaving ritual into a moment of pure indulgence.  

How to use

Wash your face and neck with hot water. Use your hands or a shaving brush to work the shaving cream into a lather and apply it to your face. Let the lather rest for one or two minutes. Then glide a sharp razor across the skin to shave (applying pressure is not necessary). Afterwards, rinse your face with some fresh and cold water. Fo an extra smooth feeling, apply an aftershave.


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