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Feather – Safety Razor 1000-1 “POPULAR”

In addition to the well-known razor blades from Japan and the luxury razors made of stainless steel, we also offer the inexpensive butterfly razor 1000-1 "POPULAR". Please also note the adjustable model DER-A.


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The handle and the head base plate are made of robust and high-quality ABS plastic (heat-resistant up to 70 ° C) - the end of the handle and the mechanism (rotary knob, head wing and control rod) are made of metal (stainless steel and brass). Blade change: by turning the wings on the head open or close (so-called butterfly system, butterfly = butterfly) and a normal, double-edged blade (e.g. a FEATHER FH blade) can be inserted without parts of the razor falling off. The razor cannot be dismantled, simply open the mechanism and rinse out for cleaning. The (unchangeable) blade gap offers a very good compromise between thoroughness and gentleness. A box is included, which is ideal for traveling. It offers space for the razor and a dispenser of razor blades (there is a dispenser with 2 FEATHER-FH razor blades in the box, the blades are identical to those from the FH-10 dispensers we offer - see below - which are also perfect fit in the box). Handle length: 10cm Total length: 11.5 cm Handle thickness: 11mm Weight: 34-35g


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