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ESBjERG – Beard Balm Orange Vetiver

Soothing beard balm. Calms the skin. Strengthens and regenerates the beard. With exquisite orange vetiver fragrance.


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The Esbjerg Orange Vetiver Beard Balm nourishes jaded and pallid whiskers and conjures a soft beard. The pleasant texture of the beard balm absorbs quickly and is very efficient, so the product can be used very sparingly. The beard balm protects and regenerates the stressed and often itchy skin under the beard.


Orange and Vetiver create a perfect harmony for your skin. The scent is an invigorating combination and has a stimulating effect. Orange oil is a very warm scent. The oil is stimulating and brightening up your mood. The orange oil has an astringent and antiseptic effect on the skin and relieves irritated skin. Vetiver is a sweet grass, whose roots are used for obtaining the essential oil. The scent is a mysterious composition of woody and earthy fragrances, intense and herbal. Vetiver revitalizes and regenerates tired skin.

Smart bottle

Less waste: Reduced, reusable, recyclable. Our new packaging can do it all. We do not only want to produce natural products but also pack them in an environmental friendly way. Smart glass: Our glass bottles feature high-level quality and provide perfect protection for our products. The protection against light rays enables our natural products to last longer without chemical fixation.

How to use

Use the beard balm after showering or after cleaning the beard very sparingly and enjoy your smooth beard.


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