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There is a whole story behind the masterpieces of Esbjerg honorable name. There were ideas, fancy long story and stable principles. The company keeps on searching for the best primary materials, ethnic production receipts and new trading techniques.

Clear Water and Mozart Music in Esbjerg Natural Cosmetics

There are no other substances, but clear water and premium quality natural ingredients that comprise the Shaving and Face creams, Shaving gels, Aftershaves and Oils of Esbjerg natural cosmetics. As a natural, flowing and an in-depth element, water plays an extremely important part in the manufacturing process; the high-quality cosmetic care products demand „clear-information“ – meaning distilled, pure water that enfolds its qualities at 37 Grade.
With all the above mentioned manufacturing ideas Esbjerg has made several steps ahead: the water, used during the production, is energized under the ultra sound waves of the devine music of W.A.Mozart. The Schauberger-Trichter livens up that water, empowering it with natural energy, which is delivered by Esbjerg cosmetics products to our skin. In the outcome there are high-quality caring products, which are loved for their tender touch to the skin.
This unique production method is patent pending.

Made in Austria

Try and feel the wonderful masterpieces of Esbjerg natural Cosmetics. These are primary native ingredients, caring production process, mild techniques and respect for the work of everyone involved, that stands behind the finished product. All of them are produced in Austria, most of the cosmetics pieces are price-marked with the NATRUE Label, which defines the highest standard of cosmetics and proves its naturalness. That means, only true native indigenous products deserve the honour to be marked as NATRUE, and Esbjerg products proudly carry this title.

Shaving requisites from German and English Quality makers

Together with Esbjerg Natural cosmetics the brand offers a rich selection of wet-shaving Equipment. Variable shaving blades, safety razors and straight razors are undeniable part of any shaving ritual as well as shaving brushes of supreme-quality Badger hair or synthetic hair – these are named vegan shaving brushes. All of the shaving requisites – produced either in Germany or England – is a life time quality guarantee.

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