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The intensely caring texture with a delightful scent makes for relaxed and well-moisturized hands. The balanced combination of fine coconut oil, biological glycerin, squalene, evening primrose oil and sheabutter such as olive leaf extract and cacao butter brings special attention to a functioning formula, which enables a unique wellness for stressed hands. Application: Several times daily as needed.


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Coconut oil is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins. A combination, which strengthens the skin sustainably. Plus: Due to the freshly-picked procedure of the coconuts a high lauric acid amount of nearly 60% is ensured. This natural ingredient is anti-bacterial and anti-viral – a perfect support for the natural skin barrier. Coconut oil works quickly, but only on the skin surface and results in a smooth and soft skin without feeling oily. Character-wise it is a cooling sensation for the skin because it absorbs the heat when melting. Biological Glycerin: is a true moisturizer. It stabilizes the barrier function of the skin, hydrates it and increases the skin elasticity. Squalane: is gained from olives and a scent-less oil, which is found in the skin’s own hydro-lipid-layer. Squalan is responsible that the skin’s own fats do not oxidize and leaves nothing but a silky-soft skin. Evening primrose oil: Contains a high amount of omega 6- and linoleic acid and nourishes especially dry and chapped skin. It balances the moisture content and strengthens the clamping force and elasticity of the skin. Shea butter: contains various vitamins and minerals and is therefore often used as a remedy for the skin. Shea butter supports the skin cell regeneration and the contained allantoin has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. The skin finds its natural smoothness and elasticity. Moreover, shea butter works as a natural sun protection. Cacao butter: Supports especially sensitive, dry and chapped skin. It can easily be absorbed, protects the skin against external effect and keeps the skin smooth and soft. Application Distribute a pea-big amount of the dry hands and apply multiple times a day if needed.   ESBjERG - Made in Austria  The products of ESBjERG are made according to the Austrian natural cosmetics code B33 and marked with the Austrian Quality Label. They are free from any animal-based ingredients (with the only exception being beeswachs), nitrates, aluminum, PEG particles, fluorides, petrochemicals, silicon and parabens.  They are traded fully responsibly and are made of fairly-traded resources and only conserved with potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.


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  • 31. March, 2019

    Great hand cream leaves my hands moisturized with no residue. Also, has a good scent. As always with Esbjerg products a little goes a long way.