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ESBjERG – Paraplantox Eye Gel

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Gentle pro-aging products with paracress as a natural active ingredient for a "relaxed" skin. Softens wrinkles and makes for a fresh appearance. 15ml


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Spilanthol is a purely herbal, natural active complex, obtained from the paracress native to South America. The golden-red flowers contain the aforementioned active ingredient spilanthol, which has been known there for centuries for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects. When applied to the skin, the active ingredient develops a real anti-aging effect: it helps to relax the expression lines and leads to a visible, faster reduction of wrinkles, especially in the eye and lip area. Studies show that spilanthol improves the appearance of wrinkles by up to 30%. The complexion appears firmer and rejuvenated.


Stem cells, as the youngest cells in a living organism, have the ability to stimulate the skin's own regeneration processes and actively counteract stressful external influences. Moreover, they work against cell detoxification, whereby pollutants and metabolic waste products that have already entered the skin can be eliminated more quickly. This extract effectively soothes any form of irritation and redness, mobilizes the skin cells' defenses and thus optimizes their lifespan. The effect: A smoother, more refreshed complexion and a fresher appearance even in stressed and allergy-sensitive skin patterns!

RED ALGAE EXTRACT (Chodrus crispus)

It works as a protective shield over the skin, creating a physical and biological barrier. This prevents the skin from being exposed to external stresses. It reduces water loss (TDWL). The smooth texture creates a pleasant feeling. The red algae extract protects the skin. It is a natural film-forming polymer with a patch effect for active ingredients lasting up to 6 hours.


Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Good refatting and smoothing properties.


The oil of the Primrose is predestined both internally and externally for scaly, inflammatory and dry skin, due to its high amount of linoleic acid and rare gamma-linolenic acid (10%).


Containing polyphenols and tocopherol, grape seed oil is considered to have exceptional antioxidant and cell membrane-protecting properties. Due to its high amount of lecithin, grape seed oil is easily absorbed and acts as a "sliding rail" for skin-caring active ingredients, especially fat-soluble vitamins such as E and K.


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