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ESBjERG – Night Oil Anti-Aging Olive Leaf

Quickly absorbed by the skin, reduces fine wrinkles. Provides the skin with essential nutrients over night. The skin immediately feels soft and refreshed. Reduces signs of fatigue. Prepare your face at night to the cold of the day before. This night oil provides your skin at night with the necessary moisture to defy the cold.


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The night oil regenerates and tightens the skin. It is suitbale for every skin types and possesses the antioxidant ingredients of the olive leaf. The oil is quickly absorbed and supplies the skin with the most important nutrients overnight. Macadamia nut and wheat germ oil make the skin elastic, provide essential building blocks and alleviate signs of fatigue. Powerful rosemary and sage extracts strengthen the skin and stimulate its self-healing abilities. The night oil counters skin aging and also protects the skin against irritation. Pure natural cosmetics.
  • Oleuropein – a powerful antioxidant – is one of the most important substances of the olive tree. It is an important part of the fruit and thus the olive oil. However, this bitter substance is found in large amounts in the olive leaf. In cosmetics, olive leaf extract guards against premature, light-related akin aging and the skin is also protected against irritations.
  • Even the manufacturing of natural cosmetics can always be improved. Thus, during the manufacturing process and the storage of Esbjerg’s cosmetic products the classical music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart constantly filled the air.


  • The olive leaves of the olive tree contain large amounts of oleuropein. In the human body, the bitter substance, acting as an antioxidant, neutralizes akin-damaging external effects caused by free radicals and thus prevents premature, sun-induced skin aging.
  • Vitamin E is an all-rounder for aiding the skin. It strengthens connective tissue, improves the flow of blood, regulates skin moisture and stimulates cell regeneration.

How to use

In the evening apply to the cleansed face and neck.


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