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MÜHLE – Sophist Shaving Brush Silvertip Badger Hair, Grip Material Ironwood

Elegant and timeless, the shaving brush of the cultivated SOPHIST line of MÜHLE. Available in dark brown ironwood, which counts as one of the hardest woods in the world, and in best premium brush quality silvertip badger hair. With an extra-big brush head.


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The Line - SOPHIST

Classic design meets noble materials. The line SOPHST of the long-established firm MÜHLE offers elegance in completion. The hand-made design classics are cultivated and sophisticated with their archetypical and yet timeless shapes, a homage to the origin of the shaving culture. Every model carries the engraved signet of the manufacture at the bottom of its chromed foot. The exclusive characteristic of the SOPHIST line are the extra-big brush heads in best hair quality – either Silvertip Fibre or Silvertip badger hair.

The Material Ironwood

Ironwood counts as one of the hardest woods in the world. Its extremely high density makes for a unique resistance and insensitivity against water and soap residues. The fine graining and deep brown coloring make for a timeless aesthetic and an outstanding silky appearance

The Brush – Silvertip Badger Hair

Among connoisseurs silvertip badger hair can be seen as the elite among natural brush materials. Only the best and carefully selected badger hairs are used for the shaving brush and assembled by hand. The precious natural material is especially soft and flexible. The fine and conically spreading hairs can store a lot of water and therefore create a dense and creamy foam. A further quality feature is the so-called “mirror” – an even black line in the course of the mainly silver hair. The premium product is made with the help of historical tools in a manufactural process, which is only mastered by the very few. Here, the half-rounded form of the brush is achieved by the manual binding of the hair. Due to this a retouch by cutting can be left out, keeping the natural softness of the hair.


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