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ESBjERG – Cleansing Milk

Combined with the water of enchantedly scenting Damascene roses, pleasant lavender and healing-promoting witch hazel, the mild Cleansing Milk cleanses deeply and frees the face from died-off skin dandruffs, residual skin oil such as dirt residues.


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In combination with argan oil, coconut oil and mango butter the texture takes care in a relaxing manner. For an extra moisture, the extract of the desert plant myrothamnus flabellifollia is added. The skin is smoothed, feels relaxed and perfectly prepared for further nourishing steps. Suitable for all skin types.


Argan oil is especially rich in vitamin e and unsaturated fatty acids. Its precious ingredients nurture the skin and optimize the hydro-lipid balance. Argan oil promotes the blood flow, is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Furthermore, the skin profits from its overwhelming anti-aging effect, due to the fact that argan oil contains a high amount of anti-oxidants. Coconut oil is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamins. A combination, which strengthens the skin sustainably. Plus: Due to the freshly-picked procedure of the coconuts a high lauric acid amount of nearly 60% is ensured. This natural ingredient is anti-bacterial and anti-viral – a perfect support for the natural skin barrier. Coconut oil works quickly, but only on the skin surface and results in a smooth and soft skin without feeling oily. Character-wise it is a cooling sensation for the skin because it absorbs the heat when melting. Mango butter is a light and revitalizing plant butter made of the core of the mango tree. It works hydrating, smoothing and calming. Myrothamnus flabellifollia: The valuable extract of the South African desert plant myrothamnus flabellifollia makes for a sensational rehydration of the skin. The pant almost completely dries out in periods of drought and can fully re-green when watered due to its unique adaption strategy. Delegated to the skin, this effect enables an extremely strong and long-lasting hydration, which can bring back a part of the youthful appearance.


Add some drops to the cotton pad and distribute on the face in circular movements. Depending on your preferences, pad off using a dry towel or wash off with some warm water.

ESBjERG - Made in Austria

The products of ESBjERG are made according to the Austrian natural cosmetics code B33 and marked with the Austrian Quality Label. They are free from any animal-based ingredients (with the only exception being beeswachs), nitrates, aluminum, PEG particles, fluorides, petrochemicals, silicon and parabens. They are traded fully responsibly and are made of fairly-traded resources and only conserved with potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.


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