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Norbeck – Rebell Face Care Gift Box

Rebel. That’s him. That’s her. That’s us. All of us.

No more adaptions, it’s all about accepting a person with all their flaws. Male, female, in-between. It doesn’t matter. Being authentic and spirited, that’s what it’s all about! The fresh herbaceous scent of the new unisex line, with its subtle fruity elements, inspires to oppugn all conformities and clichés. The high-in quality products want to appeal to a broad audience, with its unisex-structure. Even the packaging was especially designed to represent the strong message: Elegant black glass-flacons with a modest white lettering and the iconic figure of the Centaurus as a symbol of combative spirit and rebel.


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Face Serum

Cares for the skin with its natural ingredients by moisturizing and using the power of all its essential nutrients. Even damaged or chapped skin can easily be repaired. Thanks to the light-textured formula the cream can quickly be absorbed.

Eye Serum

Revives the sensitive skin around the eye-area, by moisturizing and cooling. Also it function as antiphlogistic and detumescent, preventing crow’s feet around the eyes.

Rebell Eau de Toilette

Untamed & Wild: The signature fragrance of REBELL is bold and expressive with herbaceous aspects of absinthe. The refreshing heart note bears subtle notes of gardenia and wild rose. Resinous amber and subtle musk form the basis notes. An exceedingly attractive composition, which leaves no room for the audacity of its wearer.


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