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Taylor of Old Bond Street – Sandalwood Shaving Soap Refill

Filling Content: 100g Refill for the exclusive shaving soap with its elegant wooden bowl belongs to the real classics of the English traditional company and makes for a perfect foam. The unique and intense sandalwood scent of Taylor of Old Bond Street is an absolute bestseller and can be counted as a favorite among many customers. Especially suitable for oily skin.


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A refill for the sandalwood shaving soap of Taylor of Old Bond Street. The fine shaving soap is the ideal prerequisite for a thorough wet shave. The balanced formula of the glycerin-based shaving soap allows for a voluminous foam, the mixture is gentle to the skin and keeps it hydrated. The blade can thereby glide perfectly, making for a gentle and smooth skin sensation.

Products of the Sandalwood Collection

Supplementing the classic sandal wood shaving soap in the wooden jar, Taylor of Old Bond Street offers the suitable shaving line in the sandalwood scent-variation. The sandalwood shaving cream in the jar or in the tube; The sandalwood aftershave lotion such as the especially light sandalwood aftershave gel. All products of Taylor Old Bond Street reflect the philosophy of the British company: The high appreciation of traditional knowledge over selected essences, ingredients and aromas, which Taylor of Old Bond Street has united over generations and thereby creating unique scents and best shaving- and body care products.


The classic masculine scent sandalwood of Taylor of Old Bond Street is a successful combination of woods, blossoms and herbs. The spicy sandalwood and the peppery cedarwood find their harmony with light lavender and strong rosemary. A fine hint of jasmine and rose are the icing of the cake of the selected perfume. Sandalwood – the absolute bestseller of Taylor of Old Bond Street – stands out for its overwhelming, masculine note.


Foam the shaving soap with a wet shaving brush in the bowl. Wet your face with some warm water. Now distribute the rich foam on the to-be shaved areas. Enjoy a pleasant, thorough shave. After the shave, wash off the any residues with some warm water.


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