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Penhaligon’s – The Omniscient Mr. Thompson

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  • Serving smoky, rum-like and leather hints calmed by vanilla and sesame milk, Mr Thompson is reassuring at every turn – yet a master in the art of spying. As for what the butler saw… well, he never forgets, but is ever discrete. All the best butlers keep your secrets…
  • Did you hear that? warm, creamy and charismatic, mr thompson welcomes all with a knowing wink. his floral ambery scent signs his invisible presence.


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Penhaligon's London - Portraits Collection - The Omniscient Mr. Thompson

  • In a British aristocratic house he is the man who knows everything: the butler. Somebody like Mr. Thompson, who not without reason bears the sonorous nickname "The Omniscient".
  • He knows where the high-gloss shoe pinches the noble ladies and gentlemen. Instinctively, he senses their wishes long before they have even expressed them. And of course he hears the grass growing everywhere like an experienced spy, knows all the dramas, tragedies and intrigues down to the last detail.
  • But no matter how much he knows and no matter how extensively he could talk about all of this - everyone can always rely on one thing: his incorruptible discretion. Ironclad secrecy is part of his profession. All the secrets that Mr. Thompson has learned over many years of service - one can be sure: one da (one hopefully distant day!), he will take them with him to his grave. All of them!

The fragrance

Mr. Thompson also guards the secrets of this perfume like a precious treasure chest: pink pepper vibrates in the top note. A magnificent iris shines in the heart of the fragrance. And in the dry-down, sesame is caressed by delicious vanilla.

The collection

With the Portraits Collection, Penhaligon's explores the secrets of the British aristocracy - portraying archetypes from the world of the English aristocracy and their sometimes quirky and whimsical character traits, passions and vices.

The flacon

Like every perfume in the Portraits Collection, this fragrance is adorned with the head of an animal. But why is it an elephant that crowns Mr. Thompson's bottle? Perhaps so, because people say the same thing about elephants as they do about Mr. Thompson: they know a lot, never forget - but at the same time are as discreet as a loyal British butler.

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Lavender, Elemi, Pink Pepper
  • Heart notes: iris, geranium, black pepper
  • Base notes: vanilla, oak, sesame


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