ESBjERG – Mushroom Power Aftershave Gel 50ml – ESBjERG

ESBjERG – Mushroom Power Aftershave Gel 50ml

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The ideal companion for care after every shaving - relaxes irritated skin

Cooling gel with the calming properties of aloe vera in combination with medicinal mushrooms and red algae, which ensure a positive radiance. The mixture of medicinal mushrooms protects and strengthens the skin - perfect for after-shave care.


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"Mushroom of the gods and longevity"

Liftonin®-QI á R Reishi conjures up a smile on the skin, creates a lifting effect and refines the complexion.  

"King of Mushrooms"

Shiitake Extract in the fight against cell damage. These have a particularly strengthening effect on the skin.  

OligogelineI™ PF

An extract from the Chodrus crispus red algae that protects the skin from drying out. It covers the skin like a protective shield. This prevents the external external loads from being exposed. At the same time, water loss is reduced.

Aloe Vera

Has a moisturizing, cooling and skin-soothing effect. The aloe vera gel has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports wound healing and prevents skin irritation.  


Massage in gently after shaving.  


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