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Esbjerg – Beard Oil Olive Leaf

Grooming beard oil. Nourishes the beard and protects facial skin. With the soothing extracts of the olive leaf. * new package


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The Esbjerg Olive Leaf Beard Oil is especially recommended for fuzzy beards and unpleasant itching and stressed facial skin. This soothing beard oil works very efficiently, so the product can be used very sparingly. It contains oleuropein, an allrounder among skin care essences: It is antibacterial, antifungal and anitviral. The olive leaf extract prevents premature, light-induced skin aging, making this extract particularly suitable for the production of cosmetics. In the leaves of the olive tree is oleuropein found in a 3,000 higher concentration than in the olive itself. The reason is that its leaves stay on the olive tree around five years, while the fruit gets harvested after a few months. The contained squalane, which is also obtained in the olive, is an unscented oil that is included in the skin's natural hydro-lipid film. Squalane ensures that the skin's own fats do not oxidize and it also keeps the skin supple and velvet. So the skin under your beard is nourished and protected. Grooming ingredients such as chamomile, sage and rosemary soften the beard without encumbering the beard and without leaving an unpleasant oily feeling. Chamomile soothes the skin and has an antibacterial effect. Sage clears the skin and is extremely effective against pimply and blemished skin. Rosemary stimulates the blood circulation and has invigorating properties. The contained real glycerin is a true moisturizer and maintains the often leached and wiry whisker. Furthermore, this beard care product contains the effective essences of the Aloe Vera. Already in ancient times the regenerating effect of the aloe vera plant was known and the war wounded were treated with the delicate extract of the medicinal plant. The containing natural vitamin E is an antioxidant, which protects the skin from free radicals. Natural Vitamin E is two times more effective than synthetically produced vitamin E. The Esbjerg Olive Leaf Beard Oil tames and softens fuzzy beards.Thanks to the nourishing Olive Leaf Beard Oil from Esbjerg your beard and your facial skin will be able to easily breath again.

How to use

Apply a few drops of the beard oil on the entire beard after your evening shower and before going to bed, so that your beard can regenerate overnight.


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