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Esbjerg Premium Series Esbjerg Premium Series

For a healthy skin

Since our skin is the largest organ and therefore essential for our health and well-being, it should be provided with particularly effective care products. In order to give you the perfect form of skincare, we would like to introduce our Premium products, which provide you with high-quality ingredients and cover all your needs throughout the year.

With the Premium series, we offer you a variety of products that not only give your skin and hair new energy, but also help to protect our environment.



In addition to valuable ingredients, we offer unique care formulas that have been specially adapted to the needs of each skin type. This way the unique ingredients help to regenerate body and mind! 

Paraplantox Series

Paraplantox Series

Natural Anti Aging
We say goodbye to Botox! Thanks to the natural paracress, our Paraplantox products provide a “relaxed” skin and give a rejuvenating effect. The natural cosmetics series consists of a face serum, eye gel and an aftershave.

Absolute Lift Series

Rebell Absoltute Lift Series

Against skin aging, cell stress & dryness. 
First-class ingredients and innovative active ingredient complexes – all this is combined in our exclusive Rebell Absolute Lift series. The Face Serum and Eye Gel give your skin the freshness boost it needs and form a barrier to better withstand environmental stress. Your skin will be visibly younger already after the first applications.

Hydro Series

Hydro Series

For more moisture!
The exclusive ESBjERG Hydro Series offers the most powerful skin regeneration according to the latest cosmetic research. The Hydro Face Serum, Eye Gel and Body Lotion reliably protects the membrane structures of the skin against dehydration and improves the skin’s appearance in the long term.

Hair tonic

Hair tonic

Reduces hair loss!
Our Hair Tonic with Stem Cells & AnaGain™ is more than just a conventional hair growth product. Based on natural organic pea protein, it not only stimulates hair growth, it reduces hair loss and ensures a healthy scalp.