D.R. Harris

D.R. Harris is not just one of a kind cosmetics brand –it is cherished for its professional approach to the care and shaving ritual. All the care-products are manufactured in England, with natural ingredients only, excluding animal testing. The most famous Chemists’ shop – appointed to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales – offers exquisite colognes, high-quality soaps, face-care and shaving products, as well as hair cosmetics, whose effective results make thier own promotion.

Prince Charles’ favourite brand

It happened in 1850-s, when farmacist Daniel Rotely Harris, one of the founders, created an exclusive selection of care-products, among which there were some perfume scents. The family shop turned to become the main supplier for the Royal Court and aristocratic circles, high-class society of diplomats and businessmen. The fame of D.R. Harris products has gathered an outstanding number of its „fans“, and no wonder, that Prince Charles gives his royal favour to the excellent quality of Harris cosmetics.

Perfumes, Face-, Shaving- and Hair-care products of the first level quality

D.R. Harris creates his products using natural active ingredients, which is a top-guarantee of the gentlest prime care of the skin and hair. One of the most demanded products is Milk of Cucumbers & Roses – a cleansing milk, whose receipt formula has been kept secret for more than 120 years. The seductive Pink Aftershave cherished by the fascinated clients is the next mostly asked article, which enwraps its carrier into a mild scent of roses. Arlington is known as the most popular perfume line of D.R.Harris that seduces with the decent citrus flavour, with a light shadow of fern. Arlington Cologne stands in the line together with Arlington shaving creams and shave soaps, aftershaves and body-care products as soaps, shower gels and deodorants. This noble brand’s highlights are hair-line products: they satisfy the needs of each hair- and head skin type. Shampoos, conditioners and traditional Hair Lotions are among the varied D.R.Harris sortiment.

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