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The one times one of beard care

In ancient times, having a beard was seen as a sign of masculinity and power. Today, growing a beard is still very popular and a significant characteristic of a modern man, including fullbeards, three-day-old beards, mustaches and vandyke beards. -Styling knows no limits. However, beard care comes with a lot of know-how.

Step by Step to mastering your beard

Just like hair, beards need to be taken care of as well. Although the majority of men take their beards for granted, they do not know the measurements necessary into making their beard hair shine for a longer period of time. In order to change this, here you will find a full step by step tutorial for elegant and stylish beards.

1. Washing

A daily wash of one’s beard is essential. Over the course of a day, residues of sweat and crumbs compile between single beard strands. These however, can then lead to skin irritations and hygienic unpleasantries. The key to preventing residues of this kind is by taking a shower every day. The best way of doing so, is by wetting the beard with some warm water and lathering it with a ph- neutral beard soap, then thoroughly wash out all the foam. The Norbeck- Elixir Beard Wash cleans, nourishes and the beard and pampers the beard with its seductive scent of vanilla and tobacco.

In order to keeping the beard hydrated after the wash, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner, for example from the brand Taylor of Old Bond Street or the Norbeck – Elixir Beard Repair. Just massage a dollop into the moist beard.

Tip: Do not blow-dry the beard! Hot air can lead to skin irritations and might damage the beard hair. Use a dry towel instead.

Men during beard washing
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2. Pruning

Nothing better than a perfect cut. This applies on beards as well. Only a regularily pruned beard grows evenly and appears to be taken care of. In case of a full beard, trimming must be taken in account, otherwise the beard hair above the upper lip may capture particles as dust. For taming long beards, we recommend using the stylish beard scissors coming in an elegant leather etui by Dr. Dittmar.

Tip: Make sure the trimmed beard shape contours your face. Take caution when having sideburns. The part where the sideburns mingle with the whole beard have to be retouched very often.

Man and his beard
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3. Combing

A daily comb of the beard should also be part of the daily morning routine, just like brushing one’s hair. By doing so, the wearer sees if his beard is growing evenly or if it is already time for a cut. A thorough stroke can also cover bald spots and embellish the overall appearance.

Tip: Traditionally a comb made of horn is used for the procedure.

Our recommendation: ESBjERG’s handy and practical beard combs with holder from our own production.

Man and his beard
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4. Caring

No matter which length the beard has, a proper care is an absolute must. A perfect beard is only rarely formed by nature, therefore a little help is legimate. So-called Tonics, which belong to the beard oil family, tame and calm restive heard hairs. In addition, they nourish the skin beneath and add a subtle odor. Dr. K Soap Company offers a to 100% natural and hand-made beard tonic. The product is made of quality apricot and jojoba oil, which create a fruity fragrance. Two or three drops of ESBjERG’s Beard Oil Olive leaf or Fort Amsterdam’s natural Beard Oils, made of high quality aragan, jojoba and tea tree oil, can be added for ultimate shine and smoothness.

Tip: ESBjERG’s beard balm in tiger grass helps regenerate the beard hair due to its antibacterial and calming effect on the skin. The name tiger grass origins from tigers rolling themselves in this grass, in order to heal their cuts and wounds.

Man who cares about his beard
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5. Styling

A little bit of beard wax can be used as finishing touch. Almost everyone knows the struggle of making even the smallest and most stubborn hairs point in the right direction. The answer to this problem is the Geo. F. Trumper Lavender Moustache Wax. With its comforting lavender scent, it gives the beard back its form, without taking away its smoothness.