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Penhaligon´s – Heartless Helen Eau de Parfum


Cold as ice, she plays with fire. Who needs romance, when you can test your powers? The scent of a fearless conqueror seduces everyone she passes. With tangerine, tuberose and creamy woods. Nobody can resist you. An eau de parfum like a magical moment. Filling Content: 75ml


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Penhaligons Portraits Line – every character its own solitaire

Appropriately indiscrete: The portraits present exquisite personalities and their very own fulminant fragrances. Every scent has a story to tell. Possible that you might only learn your true secretive nature after trying out the Portraits line…

Heartless Helen – The Story

Winning is not everything, until you lose. Heartless Helen is her own heroine. With clear motifs and less transparent impressions. She loves to be worshipped. Sir Teddy is a man of her taste. She met him on a safari. Could he become the man on her side? Confident and a seductive mystic lies in Heartless Helen’s scent. Maybe a trap? Who knows? In this scent lies the magic of the moment. With an opulent flowerage of tuberose, Heartless Helen refines her magic potion. Pink pepper to start the conversation, tangerine shows juicy liveliness and jasmine celebrates the captivating temptation. Almost innocent. But innocence is the mask of power. The flacon is equipped with the form of a paradisiac cockatoo. Every seal is made and polished by hand.


Heart note: Pink Pepper, Tangerine Heart note: Jasmine, Tuberose Base note: Creamy Woods, Cashmere

Portraits Flacons

Penhaligon’s has cast the world of British royalty in revolutionary flacons. Every portrait character has attributed with a spirit animal, of which its golden head serves as the flacons seal. Every locking-head is meticulously manufactured and hand-polished. Penhaligon’s has distinguished itself once more with its portraits flacons – visually and haptically a class of its own.

Portraits Packaging

Completed in detail is the packaging of the portraits, which is derived of the feather of the multiply rewarded Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams. The graduate of the well-known Central Saint Martins College in London has therefore equipped Victorian paintings with contemporary illustrations and colors. Thus, the portrait-characters on magical ground fuse with their exotic creatures.


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