Norbeck – Rebell Eye Serum


180,00 / 100 ml

Detumescent and Calming
Revives the sensitive skin around the eye-area, by moisturizing and cooling. Also it function as antiphlogistic and detumescent, preventing crow’s feet around the eyes.

All Rebel products are free from animal based ingredients, nitrates, aluminum, PEG substances, fluorides, petrochemicals, silicones and parabens.
Solemnly responsibly handled and produced raw materials are used and the products are only preserved with potassium, sorbate and sodium benzoate.

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The Scent

bold, expressive, not classify

The main note is as green and fresh as the forest-air, furnished with the mysterious herbaceous scent of absinth. The heart note are cape jasmine and wild rose. As a base, the strong and spicy ambergris note is finely combined with light, white musk.

Active Ingredients

universal Care and especially Calming
The new unisex-line pays special attention to anti-inflammatory and regenerating ingredients.
Balloon Plant Extract: The balloon plant extract is rich in precious phytosterol and works as a great natural substitute for hydrocortisone, by being known for its anti-inflammatory effect. The laboratory results detected a much milder allergic reaction.
Black Current-Seed-Oil: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as linolenic- and stearidonic acid, which prove to strengthen the barrier-function of the skin and dam inflammatory reaction.
Avocado-Oil: Known for its sensational anti-aging-effect in the natural cosmetics, it consists of a high concentration of precious lipids, which contain vitamin A and vitamin E. It contributes to a healthy complexion and stimulated the cell-regeneration.
Sunflower-Oil-Concentrate: Has a high amount of unsaponifiable lipids and is rich in essential fatty acids, which are important for regenerating the barrier-function of the skin.


Elegant glass-flacons with a special value added
Most Rebel flacons (except for the body and shower gel) are made out of miron violet glass. The name already hints its main function, it blocks the whole visible radiation spectrum, expect for the UV-rays, and thereby is ideal for preservation. As a result, the products can last a lot longer. Even after months, the sensible and natural substances still have their full potential. Thereby, the use of preservatives could be reduced to the absolute minimum.


Rebel. That’s him. That’s her. That’s us. All of us.
No more adaptions, it’s all about accepting a person with all their flaws. Male, female, in-between. It doesn’t matter. Being authentic and spirited, that’s what it’s all about!
The fresh herbaceous scent of the new unisex line, with its subtle fruity elements, inspires to oppugn all conformities and clichés. The high-in quality products want to appeal to a broad audience, with its unisex-structure. Even the packaging was especially designed to represent the strong message: Elegant black glass-flacons with a modest white lettering and the iconic figure of the Centaurus as a symbol of combative spirit and rebel.

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