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Norbeck – Rebell Absolute Lift Gift Box

5 years younger in only 4 weeks. Can it be any better? The exclusive REBELL ABSOLUTE LIFT line combines first-class ingredients and innovative ingredient complexes, actively working against the sign of the time. The highly effective product line targets skin aging, cell stress and dehydration. The skin profits from an incredible freshness boost, thus being more resistant towards environmental stress and rejuvenating itself – already after the first application.


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Absolute Lift Face Serum

Cut a few years! Everything was better in the old days. In terms of skin, yes! Each year the skin loses its moisture and elasticity. Factors such as stress, pollutants and sun rays accelerate the aging of the skin. The highly effective face serum of the exclusive REBELL ABSOLUTE LIFT line turns back time and rejuvenates the whole appearance.The basis of this sensational effect are the exquisite ingredients. Lean back and let it do its magic.

Absolute Lift Eye Gel

For the best anti-aging result The appearance of the skin strongly relies on the water content. The eye gel is, likewise the face serum, based on the valuable extract of the South African desert plant myrothamnus flabellifollia, which can almost dry-out completely in periods of drought but survive unscathed at anew watering. Applied to the skin, the effect assures a strong and lasting hydration, which brings back the youthful appearance of the skin.


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