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Norbeck – Elixier Pre-Shave Öl Ginger Bergamot

The nourishing Pre Shave Oil with the wonderful scent of Ginger Bergamot is for everyone who wants to prepare the skin for shaving in the best possible way. It also helps with grown-in beard hair and other shaving problems. The skin is protected and the oil is suitable for sensitive and dry skin.


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Ginger Bergamot embodies a masculine blend of spicy ginger and uplifting bergamot. The ginger captures the woody and spicy elements whereas the Bergamot is fresh and zingy. All together it is a perfect scent full of nature‘s goodness. The top note is made of fresh, exotic fruit notes of passion fruit and fresh bergamot. Everything revels in a light alcoholic rum note. The heart note combines the fruits with sensual lavender, as well as spicy-fresh notes of ginger root. Vetiver and patchouli form a harmony with white musk in the base note.  


  • Pomegranates: contain powerful antioxidants – the concentration of antioxidants in pomegranate juice is three times stronger than in red wine or tea. The red, succulent arils contain estrogenically active steroids and feature the highest ratio of gamma-linolenic acid in the entire plant kingdom. This triple unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid strengthens the acid mantle of the skin and improves skin elasticity
  • Chamomille: The extracts have strong anti-inflammatory properties and are used for the care of sensitive, inflammatory and dry skin
  • Sage extract: strengthens collagen fibers. It contains ursolic acid, which inhibits the metalloproteinases responsible for collagen breakdown
  • Rosmary extract: It has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties


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