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Norbeck – Elixier Beard Repair Ginger Bergamotte

This Beard Repair nourishes facial hair and protects the skin. With the smell of Ginger and Bergamotte.


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It provides hold for styling and leaves a pleasant scented beard. Only hazelnut size amount of the nourishing texture is sufficient to fully unfold the beard repair’s effect. Its beneficial ingredients soften the beard without causing any negative side effects. Chamomile soothes irritated skin and is antibacterial. Whereas rosemary boosts blood circulation and vitalizes the skin.


Ginger: This oil smells very fresh and fruity. Ginger oil is also stimulating and euphoric. Bergamotte oil: The scent of the oil is fresh and pleasant, it gives us warmth and brightens our mood, it is just as if this oil would bring some light into our lives. The oil can both relax and soothe us as well as stimulate us.


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