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ESBjERG – Washing Waldi Organic Shampoo for Dogs


Adapted to the needs of sensitive dog skin, the organic shampoo consists of a highly compatible combination of high-quality surfactants. Compared to conventional shampoos Bio Shampoo is slightly thinner in consistency so it spreads easily on the coat and skin. In addition, skin soothing, all-natural ingredients are used.


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  • Bio Hammamelishydrolat has strong antioxidant properties and soothes itching, antibacterial and promotes wound healing.
  • Bio Aloe Vera Gel provides deep hydration and anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal.
  • Bio nettle extract helps to prevent excessive hair loss and scaly skin.
  • Organic Argan oil brings the coat shine and facilitates combing.
  • Wheat protein secures the water content of the skin and thus its elasticity, repairs structural damaged skin and increases the resistance of the hair to heat of the hair.
  • Soy protein and tara improve the fur structure and give silky shine.
  • Bio Geranium Oil, Bio Mandarin Oil and Bio Litsea Cubeba Oil provide a delicate fragrance that keeps annoying insects away.

Washing Waldi

New in our product range and completely WOW-WOOF: Our natural and organic dog care line Washing Waldi by ESBjERG. A special product line for man’s best friend ranging from paw balm, nose cream to shampoo. Dogs do not only demand a lot of love, attention and tasty food, they also seek proper care, being one of the most important columns for the wellbeing of all pets. Therefore, Washing Waldi takes big caution for high-quality and ecological ingredients, which are free of chemical additives and especially matched to the needs of the sensible dog skin.


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