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ESBjERG – Hydro Body Lotion

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200ml Bodylotion Hydro, a special formulation that is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves the skin feeling velvety and caring. Sunflower oil, coconut oil, shea butter and rice wax support the care. The special combination of highly concentrated olive leaf extract and Myrothamnus flabellifolia revitalizes and strengthens the skin.


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Myrothamnus flabellifolia is like an oasis for stressed, "desert-like" skin with a particularly high proportion of protective substances. It protects membrane structures from drying out and protects the most important skin lipid, linoleic acid, from oxidation. A single application invigorates the skin for more than 48 hours. With regular use invigorates and regenerates, strengthens stressed, damaged and exhausted skin. Multifunctional talent, highly concentrated olive leaf extract: Perform anti-aging, anti-irritation, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, skin elasticity, antimicrobial effect, anti-acne and skin whitening. Sunflower seed oil: Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Good moisturizing and smoothing properties. Coconut oil: oil made from coconuts; makes the skin supple and smooth Shea Butter: nourishes, smooths and protects the skin. Has good moisturizing properties. Rice wax: Oryza sativa wax, nourishes and protects the skin from damaging effects from external influences; smooths the skin surface


After cleansing, massage gently into the skin and let it soak in well.


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