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ESBjERG – Aftershave & Pre-Shave Gel Amber Cardamon

This aftershave gel is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. Organic Aloe Vera soothes, moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Can also be applied before shaving. With the wonderful scent of Amber and Cardamon.



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The Esbjerg Aftershave gel can be as well applied before shaving, in which case it works as a moisturizer that tightens the skin and prepares the beard hair for shaving. As a result, you can easily enjoy the light and smooth shaving procedure, preventing your sensitive skin from being cut.


Amber unfolds its bright and woody scent with every use. The combination of amber and cardamom makes the fragrance of the cream unique. Cardamom is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect as well as for the nature to brighten up bad mood. Cardamom has antidepressant qualities as it produces hormones of happiness and helps to release stress throughout the day. The gel compound contains 30 % of the juice delivered from Aloe Vera barbadensis leaf which is certified with organic farming. The plant is well-known for its beneficial effects to accelerate cell renewal, strengthen the skin’s own protective barrier, reduce irritations, and to moisturize. More than that it has cooling and astringent properties. Allantoin prevents skin irritations and adds a gentle touch to even sensitive skin types. Furthermore it has beneficial, cell regenerating and moisturizing properties. Tiger grass soothes the skin. In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine tiger grass has always been cherished for its healing properties. Bio-Glycerin maintains protective properties of the skin, moisturizes extremely and increases skin elasticity. The natural cosmetics production line is steadily improving. This time Esbjerg applied the following innovation – during the manufacturing process the ultra-sound waves of the divine music of Amadeus Mozart was transmitted through the water, delivered from Schauberger-Trichter (Funnel). This unique production method is responsible for the fine nature of Esbjerg Cosmetics and it has owned its patent in the world of cosmetics manufacturing.


Allantoin prevents skin irritations and is very gentle to even sensitive skin types. Furthermore it has beneficial, cell regenerating and moisturizing properties. Tiger grass calms the skin. In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, tiger grass has always been used due to its healing properties.

How to use

Apply the aftershave on your skin with gentle massaging movements. This aftershave gel is suitable for the daily face and neck care. The fast-absorbing after-shave gel will refresh your skin leaving the light scent of amber.


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  • 31. March, 2019

    Very soothing after a shave. Great scent! Leaves your skin moist without being sticky.

  • 9. July, 2018

    long retains the smell and is well absorbed, very nice product