Shave like a professional: 5 important aspects of wet shaving

If daily or sporadic, the shaving outcome must satisfy. When wet shaving, not only the right equipment is essential but also the handling and maintenance of the instruments is key. Skills come with practise and a perfect shave needs some proper preparation. Today we will take a look at the 5 most important aspects to a manly beard shave.

The razor for beginners

We advise newcomers to choose a razor, which’s blades can be exchanged, for example a shavette. It may not be as exact as a classic razor but is a much safer option. However, the handling is the same. As soon as the use of the shavette is mastered, it is time to try yourself with the classic razor.

Caution: When buying this kind of razor, pay attention which material the grip has. Blades made of carbon steel are a better choice than stainless steel. To prevent further rust, do not forget to take care of the blades once in a while.

Man at his daily shaving ritual
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Sharp knifes & gentle care

The sharper the blades the better the razor will glide. Due to this, we recommend a periodic change of the blade. The sharpness of the razor depends on the care that is devoted to it. Maintained blades have a longer life span and are much smoother.

Caution: After shaving, clean the blade with some clear water and gently dry it with a towel. Never rub, by doing so the fine edge is at risk of being destroyed. If the razor will not the used very soon, we advise you to hang it up at a well-aerated spot after being thoroughly greased.

Correct stropping using leather

Stropping is a common term in the technical jargon. Patience is needed to master the art of stropping and also to learn the right movements. It is time for the proper technique! First of all, no stress. Stress only leads to the danger of accidently damaging the strop.

For the procedure, beef leather hanging strops seem to be the best option. The strap should be at least as wide as the length of the edge. The leather side can gladly be covered in some fat especially made for the strops and evenly massaged. The greasing prevents the leather from drying out and keeps it smooth. While stropping, make sure the leather is straight and free from wrinkles. The sleek leather surface should be on top. The razor blade always has to be flat on the belt. Position the edge in a 90 degrees angle on the surface to the body. Hold the razor with your write hand and the handle with your other hand. The edge is always stropped in the direction in which the back of the razor is showing after each strop. Pay attention that the razor is always held flatly. Now carefully stroke the blade over the leather until you hit the other side. Simply turn the blade and repeat.

Caution: When turning, make sure that the edge is not turned over the blade but rather 180 degrees over the back, still being in contact with the leather.

Also important: If the edge might lose its sharpness over time, seek help from a specialist.

Preparation of the brush & shaving soap

The peeling normally starts with the removal of dandruff. This results in making the blade glide better. Brush and Blade should both be placed in some warm water, causing the metal to stretch-out and sharpen-up. We recommend taking a hot shower before shaving, in order to soften the beard hair. Now gradually whisk the foam in a circular movement using the brush. Apply to the beard in the direction of the growth. The foam should soften the beard for about two minutes. In this time, the beard can soften while hydrating, making it easier to cut.

Caution: If you have dry or sensitive skin, apply a preshave creme or Skin Food- product in advance.

All in all, badgehair works best due to its high quality natural hair. It is excellent at soaking up water and thereby gives the basis for a rich foam. Should you seek for an animal-friendly option, there are also various synthetic brushes.

Here you will find an overview of all our brushes.

Size and Material of the grip are only a matter of taste, not having any influence on the consistency of the foam. Following sizes are the most common: S(19mm), M(21mm), L(23mm) and XL(25mm). The grips come in various materials, including: Wood, horn, porcelain, metal and artificial resin.

A high quality shaving soap can be recognized by its high amount of fat and glycerin. Glycerin which origins from plant oil has a good reputation for its moisture. The fat content protects the skin while shaving and should be between 30-50 %.

Caution: Shaving soap should always be alkaline and never have a neutral pH – value or ever sour.

Man with brush an shaving soap
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Please do not use an Eau de Cologne after shaving. Incoming sunrays can leave the skin with uneven spots or even worse, skin irritations. Should your skin feel like it is somewhat burning, you should try using an aftershave lotion. After shave lotions help disinfect the skin and also closes pores. Nowadays, our skin is exposed to a lot of damaging environmental factors, because of this, proper care must be taken into account.

Caution: For dry and sensitive skin we recommend our aftershave-gels, -milks and cremes. They help pamper and clam the skin. In case of extremely dry skin, use an additional moisturizer.

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