Gentlemen’s world of shaving conquered by a lady

No compromises in terms of production quality and fairness at all levels – these are the principles of Marga Walcher, who has realized a dream with a fine shaving specialty shop in Vienna’s city center. With the expansion of the company’s own line of Esbjerg natural cosmetics, the entrepreneur unerringly continues to treat her demanding clients to firstclass and fair care products.

Marga Walcher
Marga Walcher
Copyright Michael Brus

Entering “Esbjerg” in the heart of Vienna for the first time, you are welcomed by mild fragrances, sparkling blades, classic pots, jars and a sea of brushes. The most beautiful store in the city is all about the body – its well-being, its beauty. The shaving specialty shop on Krugerstrasse – a side street of Kärntner Strasse – offers Austria’s largest selection of fine wet shaving products and has long since become the city’s premiere address for grooming. This is where men who are concerned about proper grooming and body care come for all their shaving needs. Tastefully and invitingly arranged, the products are a true delight as they reveal their magnificent effect in the privacy of a gentleman’s own bathroom.

Marga Walcher sells nothing but the best: “I love the stylish and the beautiful and spare no effort to be the top of my class and to stay that way too.” You can tell that the lady makes no concessions where quality is concerned. A diverse set of regular customers is her reward. They all have one basic need in common: Nothing but quality can touch their skin.

The further range of scents and care products for men is made up of proven and classic labels, all of which have been personally selected by Walcher. Furthermore, one can shop at Esbjerg with a clear conscience, as fairness at all production stages is of the utmost importance. Because it actively takes responsibility in the field of employee leadership, Esbjerg was ranked third in the “DiversCity” awards of the Vienna Economic Chamber in 2012.

Our own brand of natural cosmetics now complements the Esbjerg range

Before a brand is awarded space in these elegant surroundings, Ms. Walcher puts manufacturers through a close inspection, traveling around the world if need be. “The product must be on solid footing and have the right team behind it.” Success has proven her right. Over the past 30 years, the store has become a real insider’s tip. It gets off to an international start in the morning, as businessmen from all corners of the world make their appearance along with established Viennese regulars. “Some men have been our customers for years. We have heard about their personal lives and their ups and downs.”

To shop at Esbjerg is to reward yourself and spare no expense. Understandably so: So much goodness, such bliss for a weary man’s heart, plus all the expert advice to make your skin feel its best, and none of the tedious shelf-hopping, wasting valuable time before you can find the product that suits you. Back when Esbjerg opened its doors three decades ago, male customers were more liable to opt for the next best solution, pocket their purchase and just carry on. In other words, there was no pleasure in shopping for them.

Nowadays, they appreciate competent advice, they take great care to pick the right product and then stick with it. They have come to indulge in their very own haven of well-being, because this is what a decent wet shave using quality shaving cream and a shaving brush is all about, essentially. It’s an almost meditative ritual exclusive to men.