Victoria Scandinavian Soap is a privately run family business with many years of experience in the skill of making soap. The first soap was boiled already in 1914 and the production has been going on ever since! We continue to carry on the tradition in a progressive style.
The sales of our own brands are a big part of our business. All our products are of good quality which we sell to over a greater part of the world.
We also have a production of private labels to many established companies. We can even help with the development of an idea to a complete product concept. It is of great importance to us to be up to date with coming trends happening on the market. We work and strive to continually develop and improve our range of products.
Our factory specializes in the manufacturing of different varieties of hard soap. We even make household products in both solid and liquid forms. Our motto is flexibility and we can handle most varieties of soaps, sizes and packaging. During the last few years we have made large investments in our factory which contributes to the fact that our production line is built on modern technology.
The environment is an important issue to us and therefore we work actively with continually improving and developing our work with environmental issues.
You as the consumer are very important to us. Our work is based upon the principle that you will feel assured and satisfied with our products.
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