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Shaving in India
An entry of Hannes Seebacher’s travel diary

The highly esteemed photographer Hannes Seebacher is known to turn mother nature into a wonderful scenery for his spectacular pictures. For many years, he is in close cooperation with ESBjERG, capturing nature in every shot and showing how pure shaving can be. The Austrian artist sees shaving as a cross-cultural and timeless ritual, which is […]

The pomegranate – a miracle drug

Pomegranates are concentrated life force. They contain a valuable variety of antioxidants and vital substances. It is for good reason that the fruit of the gods, as one of the oldest cultivated plants, is a symbol for fertility and beauty. Once upon a time, the Greek goddesses Athena, Aphrodite and Hera quarrelled about who was […]

Shave like a professional: 5 important aspects of wet shaving

If daily or sporadic, the shaving outcome must satisfy. When wet shaving, not only the right equipment is essential but also the handling and maintenance of the instruments is key. Skills come with practise and a perfect shave needs some proper preparation. Today we will take a look at the 5 most important aspects to […]

Olive oil – the serum of life

Man has been extracting olive oil from the fruit for thousands of years. Its wholesome effect has always been valued, and modern nutritional science deems olive oil to be the most healthy vegetablebased edible oil. But olive oil has also found its way into cosmetics – as a supplier of high-quality mineral substances, vitamins and […]

Water. Bodies. Life.
Rise of the bathing culture

The presumably most relevant bathing tradition had its origins in the Roman empire. The Romans created all the structural prerequisites for one of their most important principles, which the poet Juvenal had coined: “mens sana in corpore sano” (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”). Their monumental spas were on par with architectural masterpieces and […]

Washing, cutting, drying
The one times one of beard care

In ancient times, having a beard was seen as a sign of masculinity and power. Today, growing a beard is still very popular and a significant characteristic of a modern man, including fullbeards, three-day-old beards, mustaches and vandyke beards. -Styling knows no limits. However, beard care comes with a lot of know-how. Step by Step to […]

The magic three seconds

How long does a moment last? A difficult question to answer, as most would think. One thing, however, is clear – not longer than three seconds. Because in this brief period of time, human beings sort almost all of their communicative activities. First and foremost in this regard is eye contact, which, in a matter […]

Beautiful & healthy
With the power of nature

The right care brings the body into harmony with the soul. The first thing we perceive in this regard is healthy skin. The undisputed recipe for success: Making use of the broad range of nature’s ingredients, which ensure long-term well-being when bundled in natural cosmetic products. Today’s search for health and beauty is often akin […]

The “wow – how smooth!” effect

We want wavy manes, but no stubble on the skin. Because nothing feels better than a smooth body. It has always been a symbol for youth and eroticism and simply feels better. Ancient Arabic features no less than 33 metaphors to describe hair on the head – from “darkness” and “net” to “night,” and right […]

Water. Bodies. Life.
The source of life

It all began with water. Without the universal element, no organism and no ecosystem could exist on this world. This is how the indispensable elixir accompanies man – in his life, his culture, his myths and his dreams. A journey through the history of water and ist meaning for our existence. Looking at a drop […]

Best for the skin
With the power of nature

In order to select the best skin care products, we must understand how the skin, man’s largest organ, works. The skin consists of three layers – the upper layer (epidermis), the true skin (dermis) and the subcutaneous tissue (subcutis) – and serves to effectively protect the body. The primary functions of the upper layer are […]

Gentlemen’s world of shaving conquered by a lady

No compromises in terms of production quality and fairness at all levels – these are the principles of Marga Walcher, who has realized a dream with a fine shaving specialty shop in Vienna’s city center. With the expansion of the company’s own line of Esbjerg natural cosmetics, the entrepreneur unerringly continues to treat her demanding clients […]