Beautiful & healthy
With the power of nature

The right care brings the body into harmony with the soul. The first thing we perceive in this regard is healthy skin. The undisputed recipe for success: Making use of the broad range of nature’s ingredients, which ensure long-term well-being when bundled in natural cosmetic products.

Today’s search for health and beauty is often akin to an odyssey. Unconsidered habits, daily time pressure and an oversupply of products have significantly diverted man away from his actual path – a lifestyle close to nature. One that can actually deliver all the things promised by the food and cosmetics industry. Everywhere you read, you hear about a resilient organism all the way to smooth, wrinkle-free skin. This sounds enticing. However, the body can only be vital and beautiful if healthy nutrition and long-term care go hand in hand.

Those who turn their gaze inwards immediately know which foods on their own menu are agreeable. When it comes to cosmetics, this is a bit more difficult. Products based on softeners and other additives often feign a hair and skin state that does not actually exist. For example, some standard creams clog pores and cover the skin like a film. On the outside, this gives the impression of softness, but the reality of the situation becomes clear the next time you shower. The skin suffers beneath the supposedly treated surface. Instead of disposing of such products, a lot of people react in the opposite manner. Hoping for regeneration, they use even more – a vicious cycle that can have serious consequences. The skin can no longer breathe and waste products are no longer sufficiently secreted.

The true appearance increasingly deteriorates: The skin becomes drier and more wrinkled. And this is despite the fact that the road to healthy care has actually been paved for a long time: Body care products made from natural ingredients support the metabolism of the skin and thus not only contribute to natural beauty, but also to health on a long-term basis.

What can I put into my body?

Damaging substances enter our bodies both through the skin and by means of the food we ingest. Deposited in the connective tissue, chemical additives from foodstuffs and care products put a strain on the body. It is therefore important to know what one should eat and how to care for oneself. Natural agents help the body to reach an equilibrium. And what is good for the body also affects the psyche. Therefore, scrutiny pays off by ensuring that the body only gets the things it can actually benefit from. This rules out a lot of convenience products the food and beverages industry has to offer. The general rule is that fresh things are good things.

A simple question serves as an orientation aid in the supermarket: Which products would exist without the food industry? The remaining products are in most cases healthy or at least justifiable. Based on the example of potato chips, this means that industrially produced chips cannot be recommended. Because these chips are often just potato powder that has been pressed into slices, loaded with flavor enhancers and then fried in cheap oil, they are not part of a balanced diet. If, on the other hand, one dries fresh potato slices in the oven, sprinkles them with high-quality vegetable oil and uses natural flavourings, then chips can definitely support a healthy diet.

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In cosmetics, the same principle applies. When they remain unaltered, natural ingredients can realize the full potential of their powerful effects. Old household remedies in particular have proven their worth over Feuchtigkeitsvergenerations – as cosmetics and as a remedy for physical ailments. However, those wishing to do their body some good do not necessarily have to scour the woods for herbs. High-quality natural cosmetics products have harnessed the positive effects of natural ingredients and now significantly stand out from mass products. They guarantee the use of high-quality ingredients and compliance with strict manufacturing criteria, such as the lack of softeners. In order to make an individually balanced choice, one must know what the skin requires for optimal care as well as which properties the various plants have. Biological wheat germ oil and top-quality aloe vera, for example, highlight the tremendous power contained in natural substances.