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ESBjERG Selfcare Series

Especially in today’s world, the term selfcare has gained a lot of importance. To escape the everyday stress for a little while and find time for yourself, it is important to take care of yourself with the right natural cosmetic products and treat yourself to take a break. That is why we have selected special products in our ESBjERG Selicare series that provide relaxation, well-being and a good feeling.

Face care

Wellness for the face

Due to the constant impact of external influences, it is important to protect and also properly prepare the skin on your face. The products of our ESBjERG Selfcare series do not only nourish the face, but also protect the skin from future challenges.

Paraplantox series

Paraplantox for a gentle pro-aging process

The paracress formula develops a real anti-aging effect when applied to the skin: it helps to relax expression lines, resulting in a visible, faster reduction of wrinkles, especially around the eyes and lips.

Body Care

More than just cleaning.

Spoil. Relax. Enjoy. Body care is much more than just cleaning, it is a sensual experience in the most intimate setting. Doing something good for your own body, taking your time – that is true luxury. Accompanied by exclusive body care products, your own bathroom is transformed into a private spa in no time at all.