Wacker – Straight Razor „Wacker Gold“

The “Wacker-Gold”-model is the perfect choice for experienced clients. The straight razor has a 7/8 inch blade, a Spanish head and a polished grip of finest horn. The precious blade of carbon steel is equipped with gold etching. In addition, tang and back are gilded (24kt).


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The “Wacker Gold”-straight razor is the flagship of the Allround-line of the house Wacker. It offers optimal handling and is the perfect choice for experienced clients, which know how to value bigger razors. The straight razor has an elegant grip of polished horn and offers optimal handling. The familiar high quality, which is consistently offered by the traditional company Wacker based in Solingen, is once more represented in this limited special edition. The precious straight razor has a gilded tang and back with 24 carats of gold and contains an exclusive gold etching such as a grip of polished horn. The straight razor is fully hollowly (1/1) polished and has the traditional Solingen “Wall & Taillen polish” – the qualitative requirement for a fully hollowly polished razor. The grip of the fine straight razor is manually made with precious horn (polished) and is characterized by its high resistance. As a natural product the horn may face natural color variations and structures, making every grip to one of a kind.

Blade Form Spanish Head

The Spanish Head has a bit of an inner radius, which is made to help you with contour guidance. It is suitable with its advanced front cutting edges and especially for precise shaves and exact edit of the beard outline. A classic blade for experienced clients.

WACKER – Cutler located in Solingen

All Wacker straight razors are made according to traditional techniques by hand. The premium manufacturing of the straight razors guarantees a generation-overlapping life span: All straight razors of Wacker go through an elaborate warmth and strength treatment, which allow for an even and lasting glide. The German family business Wacker is already in its fourth generation of traditional straight razors and relies on well-tried procedure techniques in manual work. Bound to the world-famous knife-city Solingen, the knives all have a quality stamp “Made in Solingen”.


The straight razors are made out of premium carbon steel. The steel needs care to protect the blade form corrosion. Use chamomile oil on a cotton sheet to carefully distribute it on the blade, without touching the cutting edge. Important: Wipe away the oil with the leather strip before the next use.


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