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Wacker – 7/8 straight razor “Damast Komposition”


Model: “Damask Composition “
Size: 7/8“ Form 1/1 full-hollow
-Blade forged from various damask
-Damask consisting of 420 layers
-Blade with a Spanish head
-Grip out of finest wood with ebony wood wedge
-With screen print (damask close-up)

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The razor of the series Damask Composition are forged from various damask types in a complex process. Due to this, the blades each shine with a unique damask texture, making each blade one of a kind.
Additionally, you receive a qualitative macro shot of the damask structure of your razor.
This razor is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to its grinding- and forging technique.

The ”Damask Razor Sharp Back” razor is grinded full-hollowly (1/1 hollow) and has the distinctive and traditional “wall- and waist-polish”, being the crucial characteristic in order to be classified as a “hollow” polished razor and being a guarantor for long-lasting quality.
All razors go through a special heat treatment and hardening process, perfecting the slice plane in terms of even and lasting cut ability.

Please note that

Horn is a natural product and undergoes natural color changes and structures, making every grip unqiue. All razors are crafted in traditional hand-made methodes.

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