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Victoria Soap – Cleansing Facial Soap Moisturizing

Filling Content: 100g Shine like one of the Royals: The intensely-cleansing and pH-neutral facial soap protects the skin from redness, itching and dryness. Matched to the needs of dry skin, the facial soap nourishes with almond oil and vitamin e. Both ingredients make for an increased elasticity of the skin and effectively boost the cell regeneration. Victoria Soap is a certified supplier of the Swedish Royal House.


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With premium products the Scandinavian family company Victoria Soap combines traditional recipes with modern needs. The Scandinavian family company counts as one of the leading suppliers of hard soap and has since 1924 been the official supplier for the Swedish Royal House. Perfectly balanced in scent, color and form, wrapped in lavish designs, the beautiful products work perfectly as presents.

pH-neutral Facial Soaps

The face counts as one of the most sensitive skin regions of the body. Stress, an unhealthy diet such as hormone-caused fluctuations or even the wrong care can bring the skin off balance. Therefore, pH-neutral soaps with their mild nourishing characteristics offer an important contribution to flawless skin and help to keep their natural protective acid mantle. For the care of facial regions, Victoria Soap has developed a pH-neutral facial soap, which allows for a nourishing treatment and lets the skin shine due to its intensely-cleansing properties. Matched to single skin types, the 100g soap block protects the skin from redness, itches and dryness.


Lather the soap and distribute the foam on face and neck. Let the foam sit for a bit. Impurities are easily pulled from the pores. Then rinse your face with some warm water. Your skin will be cleansed to the pores and will be granted a naturally shining tone.


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