Esbjerg-Koraat – 8/8 straight razor, bog oak, american point


This straight razor features a smiling, silver steel edge. A so-called “Geradkopf” gives the edge its archaic design. Blade width: 8/8’’

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Both, outline and spine of the razor are mirror polished. In contrast, the shank’s design displays typical patterns that emerge during the forging process. The blade’s surface is easy to maintain and yet durable. The blade’s grind is ground in a special way, which causes a marvelous interplay between the mirror polished and the ground areas.


The scales of the shaving razor are made of bog oak. Bog oaks are trunks of the oak tree, which have been lying in swamps from hundreds to thousands of years. Special acids and minerals of the swamp are dying the wood deep black. Although bog oak deposits are generally common, it is hard to find deep black, crack-free pieces. Thus, the demand of premium bog oak is rather high.
Brushing the wood makes it durable and gives it its distinctive, malleable appearance.
Together with bullseye rivets and polished spacers made of stainless steel the straight razor becomes a real masterpiece.

Koraat Knives exclusively for Esbjerg manufactures these straight razors. The used blanks are all made in Solingen. Scales and blade are handmade according to our demands and are delivered shave-ready.

Why a coarse and smiling blade?

Mainly before 1900 coarse blades have been manufactured. Without any further support the edges were ground by hand. Nowadays they are highly coveted amongst collectors. Their special grinding enables you to guide the edge in smooth circles, which is not possible while using a today’s conventionally hollow ground straight razor.
Smiling edges provide a very close shave, as you are able to attain spots, which would not be accessible with straight ones.
Coarse blades are especially suitable for thick and strong facial hair, as the blade’s weight already provides smooth gliding and no further effort is needed.

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