Penhaligons – Samarkand Classic Candle

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The Classic Candle from Penhaligon's made of soy wax and are hand made. They are characterized by long burning and smell to Samarkand. Samarkand is an oriental fragrance blend of carnation, jasmine, lily, sandalwood and vanilla, inspired by the ancient city of Samarkand, one of the oldest cities in the world.

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This luxurious candle is made with essential oils and naturally derived soy wax. They are hand blended and have a longer burn time.
Perfumed candles from Penhaligon s immediately give off a pleasant odor and create a welcoming atmosphere that lasts for hours.
To ensure an even and smoke-free burn, the wick should be trimmed before each lighting.
The Classic Candle has a burn time of 30 hours.


Because the candles are made from natural soy wax, they have the advantage of slower burning than traditional paraffin candles. This results in a more regularly distribution of fragrance throughout the burn time. Another advantage of soy wax candles is the clean, almost soot-free combustion, as no artificial additives are included.

How to use

Light the candle Depending on the need, desire and mood.
The candles in the glasses should always be placed on a tray or a holder, never directly on the furniture. Light candles and enjoy the fragrance flowing out, transform your living spaces into true oasis of wellness.

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