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Penhaligon´s – Clandestine Clara Eau de Parfum


A tender and voluptuous fragrance for the progressive woman. An oriental woody fragrance, reminiscent of heady extravagance and sensual furs. Richly resinous opoponax fashions an unconventional opening, with its dark yet gourmand facets. A touch of powder, from the almond-like delicacy of tonka, is set against the addictive and unconventional dark wood-like character of cypriol. Sumptuous and confident.


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“You can tell a good workman by his tools” ‘Lord George‘s mistress is a mischievous and modern free spirit. She speaks her mind and conducts scandalous love affairs. She smokes and even has a job! We pray she does not embody a broader movement for women! Her perfume is as unconventional as she is: a spicy woody fragrance. Tender is the Night’ ‘Allow me to present to you the unofficial side of Lord George’s dynasty, beginning with - as we have come to know her - Clandestine Clara. And isn’t she a complex creature… A forceful personality, spicy but equally sweet, she has travelled in exotic countries and company - and in her smoky, velvety, woody air you may detect a memory (or three) of his Lordship… (One would certainly never guess the lady also smokes…). She is rebellious, contradictory, independent, unconventional - a woman ahead of her time. But above all, as you will discover, she is a true gourmand, completely delectable (and Lord George would know).’


Gourmand – Resinous – Powdery – Marzipan, Vanilla Head Notes: Opoponax: an acacia tree with violet-scented flowers that yield an essential oil used in perfumery, Cypriol: Cypriol/Nagarmotha essential oil is an extract of the rhizomes of the Cyperus scariosus plant. Its woody, earthy fragrance is reminiscent of vetiver. A relative of papyrus. Heart Notes: Tonka Bean : cherry, vanilla, hay Patchouli Oil: an earthy, spicy, woody note that pairs most beautifully with rose, Patchouli belongs to the East Indian mint family. Base Notes: Vanilla Bean: dark, spicy, sweet Cinnamon Oil: warm, spicy, hot, sweet

Clara - Peacock Head

The Peacock represents Clara’s eye catching confidence & ostentatious free spirited personality. * Each cap is carefully crafted & hand polished.


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