Penhaligons – Christmas Gift Box Lady of Luxury


Included in the festive perfume-collection Lady of Luxury are the five most desired women scents of the British perfume-manufacture Penhaligon’s: Empressa, Halfeti, Artemisia, Elisabethan Rose and Luna.

A delightful present with unique and decorative flacons.

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The exclusive Christmas selection includes the scents Empressa, Halfeti, Artemisia, Elisabethan Rose and Luna.

The distinctive Penhaligon’s design-flacons in the practical sizing of 5ml per bottle offer a suitable scent for each mood.

Empressa – Elegant restraint

Empressa is a scent as soft as silk and graceful due to its decent nuances. The soft rose enfolds into a clear and calming aura with gradations of blood orange and bergamot such as depths of ambergris, patchouli and noble wood.

Halfeti – Enchanting power of the senses

Warm, powerful and calming at once, Halfeti enfolds its thrilling note of vanilla and sandalwood. Accompanied by piquant-leathery appeals of ambergris and patchouli, the oriental composition revitalizes the senses in a playful manner.

Artemisia – individual Naturalness

Inspired by Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting, this original lawn scent stands out for its intense-fruity bouquet of nectarines and apples, rounded-off by floral notes of jasmine, violet and lilies blossoms.

Elisabethan Rose – Rose in its intense form

The fine scent gifts you with its strong character in all ways: Royal. Demanding. Impressive.

And yet so unbelievable light and delightful. Rigidly intense, the heavenly scent wraps the body in roses.

Luna – Floral Lightness

Inspired by Luna, the goddess of the moon: Luna is a revitalizing scent, which opens with the bitter freshness of oranges. The heart enfolds a lightness of juniper berries, rounded-off by the sensuality of a wooden base. Sparkling at first with precious natural oils of orange and bergamot. Musk and ambergris fulfill the harmony of the scent creation.

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