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Penhaligon´s – The Bewitching Yasmine Eau de Parfum


She is by all appearances soft and quiet. Yet at the same time, she conducts herself with a rare force. Some, the less determined, would find her distant, maybe cold, but appearances are notoriously misleading. Like all intriguing (and bewitching) women, the perfume of Yasmine is hot and cold. The unique sharpness of rich, strong coffee is set off against a creamy spice accord. Ambition never looks back. Smell: Gourmand. Rich Floral. Smoky Vanilla.


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A hot and cold sensation around coffee, illustrated by a spicy white coffee with fresh cardamom, really quaint. The singular coffee unveils a strong character with silky charms. A subtle balance combining sensual notes of jasmine and vanilla with curls of incense and agarwood. An oriental fragrance blending in with the local colour, voluptuous, thrilling and ardent.

“The Dance of the seven veils”

Yasmine has a lot to learn about the airs and graces of aristo society. Although green, Yasmine has nature on her side, and she knows just how to use it. Riding the coattails of her older brother, Sohan, the impossible beauty is aware of her power with powerful men, finding little issue in penetrating the most desirable circles of the social elite wherever her travels might take her. “I don’t care for financial wealth,” Yasmine explains. “I want wealth in spirit, in adventure, in conversation.” Although she has few female fans, she’s not concerned. She finds conversation with other women only invites jealousy at worst, and eye rolls at best. Perhaps it’s something to do with her famously stealing the Sultan of Brunei’s son from his wife, or perhaps it’s the way her dark painted lips always perfectly match her low cut silk dresses. But like as says, “other people’s opinion of me is their concern.” Instead she prefers to tumble through forests at dawn, swim naked at night, and ride Arab horses bareback in the blazing heat of the Egyptian desert. “But I’m done with Egypt. I came to England to find a suitor, and I’m intrigued to find the fruits this select circle has to bear.” She’s direct, and totally unafraid to express her desires: a breath of fresh air in a society run on front facing manners and deep set secrets. Famously hot and cold, her reputation precedes her. For those willing to try, however, her veil of mystery is lifted only to reveal more mystery. Every layer of this Egyptian gem sparkles with intrigue, but only if you’re worthy of her attention. Bore her and be left in her wake, excite her and she’ll take you along for the ride. “I don’t know where the adventure is taking me. I think, perhaps, I’m the true adventure.”


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