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Penhaligon’s – Babylon Body and Hand Wash

Babylon Body & Hand Wash is a wonderful scented shower gel for daily skin care. This clean gentle the skin, does not dry out and leaving a clean and soft feel. The delicate fragrance of Babylon Body & Hand Wash gives an oriental touch into everyday life.


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Nourishing body & hand wash with the wonderful scent of Babylon. Penhaligon's body & hand wash produce a rich lather. The select ingredients helps to leave the skin soft and refreshed. The Babylon Body & Hand Wash from Penhaligon's is a delicately perfumed cleanser for the body with a soft foam. Tenderly and comfort ably cleanses the skin. The shower gels by Penhaligon's shower or bath is a real pleasure to dive from a stressful day and forget for a moment their concerns, they rise from the shower as a new person, relaxed and refreshed.


Rivers of gold run deep, bringing life to ancient Babylon – where the body is a temple. Chatter erupts in the bathing house, where saffron, vanilla and cedar mingle in scented pools.

How to use

Lather up the Babylon Body & Hand Wash between your hands, place on a cloth or sponge to ensure a wonderful shower experience. You can also use this shower gel to treat yourself to a sumptuous and relaxing bath, just Body & Hand Wash pour into a tub full of warm water and relax.


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