Penhaligon’s – AIUla EdP 100ml UNBOXED – ESBjERG

Penhaligon’s – AIUla EdP 100ml UNBOXED


Vanilla winds whisper across the horizon. Plum. Patchouli. Palms reach skyward, taller than incense, next to a monolith of spice and tobacco. A sweeping desert of saffron, born of sand and drenched in sky.


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Penhaligon’s – Trade Routes – AlUla Situated at the crossroads of continents, AlUla was for centuries a transhipment point for caravans on the incense trade route linking Asia, Africa and Europe and traditionally used to transport high-quality goods. AlUla is a journey of the senses between ochre-coloured sandstone on one side and black basalt on the other. In the land of sanctuaries, rock tombs and caravan routes, the air is dry and yet it is the same air that has allowed relics and other treasures from another millennium to be preserved. AlUla takes you on an olfactory journey through a garden of ripe plum trees, which lend the resinous, woody scent of incense a delicious, fruity note. This mix is anchored by balsamic vanilla, creating an opulent eau de parfum that invites you to dream of another world. Penhaligon’s – A Tale of British Tradition and a Turkish Bath The perfume house was founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, a barber from Cornwall who had moved up to London. There he advanced to court barber and perfumer of Queen Victoria. In 1870 he opened his first barber shop in Jermyn Street, and was as successful with his classic shaving products as he was with his self formulated perfumes. Colorful personalities and especially the nobility were among his clientele, much later Sir Winston Churchill would join this exclusive group. The first perfume by Penhaligon, "Hammam Bouquet", came to mind after he had visited the neighboring Turkish baths and whose scent had left a lasting impression on him. This fragrance laid the foundation for many other creations. Despite a varied history, Penhaligon’s has now advanced to become a creator of true classic fragrances and today also offers bath lines for men and women as well as room fragrances and candles. The balance between tradition and timeless beauty is the reason why so many fragrance lovers swear by Penhaligon's and would never want to do without it again.


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