Dr. Dittmar – Original Hungarian Moustache Wax

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These Moustache Wax nourishes your beard, makes him soft and malleable.

Available sizes:  16ml

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The proper care program for the large, long beard or the fashionable upper lip beard or beard à la Kaiser Wilhelm.

With the real Hungarian Beard Wax after old Hungarian recipe every beard hair gets soft and malleable at the same time. Stubborn beard hair is tamed and the beard gets a neat look. Original Hungarian Moustache Wax is suitable for every beard shape!
The Wax is completely (!) absorbed by the hair. No fixative, only special biologically natural beard care for every day with pure bee wax and 100% natural preservatives.
The UV light safe 16ml violet glass crucible ensures durability.

How to use

Apply a small amount on your beard and style it as usual. Now you can enjoy a controled beard.

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