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Norbeck – REBELL Shaving Cream Gift Box

Gift Box includes

  • Glühwein Shaving Cream
  • Choco Mint Shaving Cream
  • Apfelstrudel Shaving Cream


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Glühwein - Shaving Cream

Perfect for the cold season and lifts the Christmas spirit, Rebel introduces the new shaving cream in Glühwein. With a light scent of orange, almonds and cinnamon, the new shaving cream ensures a merry Christmas spirit in your bathroom. The decent and natural scent has a balancing effect on the organism and the base texture enables a deep care. The shaving cream equips tired skin with important minerals, natural plant extracts and vitamins. Its perfect foaming structure fully prepares the fine texture of the skin and hair optimally for a thorough and smooth shave. The traditional method of saponification of stearin and the production of batches of only seventy pieces, each soap only contains natural ingredients such as the biological oil with was fully extracted of fresh coconuts. These contain a high amount of lauric acid and are anti-bacterial such as anti-viral. The extracts of rosemary and sage encourage the blood flow. Rice bran oil has an anti-oxidant property and marigold extract accelerates the healing process. A stimulating mixture in a relaxing Glühwein fragrance. For a special shave experience - and of course free of any tensides.

Chocolate Mint - Shaving Cream

Special Edition A sweet spectacular for the private ritual in the bathroom: First-class cholocate and precious mint result in a harmonic interaction, from which you can’t contain yourself from.

Apfelstrudel - Shaving Cream

Special Edition Outrageously good! The vegan Shaving Cream stands out for its intense scent of fresh-steaming apple strudel. Long-lasting aroma, but nicely light after shaving.


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