Norbeck – Military Kardätsche Rosewood, Himalaya quality


Bristle rows: 9 with a total of 138 bundles
Total length: 10.5 cm
Wide brush head: 5.5 cm
Bristleclass: Himalaya black, extra hard

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Top quality, which probably no other manufacturer uses:
Only the rare, especially hard Himalayan boar bristle was selected for the production of this special hairbrush.
Himalayan boar bristles are particularly strong. As a result, they also grasp thick and strong hair just as reliably as the plastic brushes that are artificially reinforced with plastic.

The advantage

compared to the plastic-reinforced brushes is that here every single bundle of bristles completely on the hair and scalp acts and the naturally keratinized endings of the bristles distribute the hair fat in the hair, that drying and split ends are avoided.
The plastic pins massage the scalp on the plastic-reinforced brushes – with the Himalaya bristle hairbrush, these are the natural endings of the bristles.
Only the 1st cut is used – this means that the former hair root, the original lower part of the bristle, now forms the keratinized upper end of each bundle of bristles. This part is very similar to human skin, which ensures that the scalp is thoroughly massaged but never injured.

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