MÜHLE – Stylo Shaving Set 5-Blade-Rasierer, Gilette® Fusion™, Silvertip Fibre®, Grip Material Beech

A three-parted shaving set of the minimalistic line STYLO of MÜHLE, with grips made out of elegantly-grained beech wood: Shaving brush in the vegan premium quality Silvertip Fibre® 5-blade razor Gilette® Fusion™ Metal halter, chromed


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The line – STYLO

Innovative and unique: The reduced shaving line in conical form is a revolution in the product history of the long-established German firm: STYLO combines chrome with valuable woods such as precious resin. Precious resin is predestined for this area of expertise. It is long-lasting and keeps its shine after years of usage. The processed wood’s resistance is thereby also strengthend. The STYLO line is either available in the natural premium brush quality silvertip badger hair such as the best vegan premium brush quality Silvertip Fibre®. The brushes are exchangeable and can be replaced without any complications.

The Material – Beech

The minimalistic design of the STYLO line brings out the aesthetic color pattern of beech wood. The natural graining is highlighted by curdling it. Dipped in resin, the grip made out of curdled wood can easily pearl off water and soap foam.

The razor head – Gillette® Fusion™

The Fusion™ of Gilette® includes five stacked blades such as blades placed on the sides to allow for exact tracing of contours. This design allows for a thorough and careful shave. Its easy and safe haptic makes it especially popular amongst beginners. The blades are available in all markets.

The Brush Silvertip Fibre®

The premium synthetic fibre serves as a global innovation of the MÜHLE-production. With Silvertip Fibre®, the long-established company offers synthetically produced premium quality, of which the materialistic properties can be seen as equally valuable as precious natural silvertip badger hair. The also hand-made fibers are less sensitive than natural hair, due to their quick drying and their high resistance to shaving soap and shaving cream.


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