Mühle – ROCCA Safety razor, closed foam edge, stainless steel, silver matt

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Stainless steel safety razor with closed foam edge – classic blade handle made of stainless steel, silver matt

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The ROCCA series

Beautifully simple, yet particularly masculine: This is the new ROCCA range of products. A little more modern, and more distinctive than much of what is known from MÜHLE, they are made from the finest and most durable stainless steel. But it has been worth the effort: These products are particularly durable and robust.
The satin or slightly matt finish not only feels good in your hand, but is also pleasing to the eye and creates an elegant effect.
Even with all of these new details, ROCCA’s heritage is still very evident. The design of this range is a further development of classic MÜHLE models; the name ROCCA (from the Italian for castle or fort) refers to the very best materials – and also to the fact that a MÜHLE product will last a lifetime and beyond.

ROCCA razor

No frills, but with fine extras: The ROCCA razor could not be clearer or more masculine. Its uninterrupted lines from attachment to base ­make it both beautiful and practical: Thanks to its ergonomic shape and the surface structure of the handle, it feels good in your hand. As connoisseurs say: It has grip. It turns an everyday ritual into a daily design experience.

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2 reviews for Mühle – ROCCA Safety razor, closed foam edge, stainless steel, silver matt

  1. adi.feier (verified owner)

    A very good razor.
    Previously i owned an R96 (black handle) with version 1 of the shaving head, after complaining to Muehle I received a new shaving head, version 3.
    Neither was very good, had a rough shave, but it was a close shave.
    The problem was that the blade was not held properly because of manufacturing tolerances.
    This model (R94) has version 4 of the shaving head.
    Version 4 is CNC milled, both the top cap and the base.
    The blade is held very good, all problems of the previous versions are solved.
    Now all the Rocca razors (R94 , R95 and R96) have the new shaving head, version 4.
    I recommend this razor.

  2. michael.freitag

    Toller Hobel der meine Ansprüche völlig erfüllt: dort scharf wo er scharf sein soll und etwas moderater bei Problemstellen. Kann den Rocca vorbehaltlos empfehlen.

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