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Meißner Tremonia – Pre-Shave Soap POTS OF MILK

Preshave Soap in a cardboard box- with the original Pots of Milk-scent


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Ample amounts of goat milk and cold pressed macadamia nut oil make this unscented shaving soap a real treat for the skin. Also available as shaving paste. Carefully selected ingredients such as Scotch whisky, sheep wool fat, lime juice, and goat‘s milk form the basis for an exciting variety of the finest facial soaps, bolstered by pure natural essential oils and resins. Meißner Tremonias’ enthusiasm for natural, organic products is the basis of what they produce by hand, with great attention to detail: Sophisticated and attractive personal care products for men. The special passion of Meißner Tremonia is wet shaving. In soothing contrast to industrial canned foams, wet shaving with authentic shaving soap or paste is a classic and timeless experience. The traditional way of shaving - with a double-edged safety razor or a classic straight razor - has been undergoing a renaissance. This renaissance is explained, in the context of a high-tech information society, by the special feeling it evokes: The rediscovery of naturalness and originality. The luxuriant feeling of creamy lather from a simple bit of shaving soap or paste - rather than spraying synthetic chemicals from a can - must be experienced at least once.


"Experience a reduction to essentials in men‘s grooming: shave, shower, or hair care. Only the best herbal ingredients make up our creative, handmade products. Fewer chemicals, more nature and innovation - for that special bathing experience" – this is the philosophy of the so-called “Baderisten” from Meißner Tremonia. Meißner Tremonia does not use any of the following in their products: EDTA compounds and tetrasodium etidronate, parabens, paraffins, silicones, petroleum products, azo dyes, synthetic fragrances, nitro and polycyclic moschus compounds, aromatic amines, organohalogen compounds or PEG / PEG - derivatives. Generous quantities of organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic sesame oil, organic beeswax and pure essential oils form the basis of the innovative preshave products. These are slightly over-saturated and are ideal for face cleansing - especially to prepare the beard for shaving.

How to use

Lather the Pre Shave Soap in your hands and apply the foam to the face. Don’t rinse it. Apply your shaving cream or shaving soap as usual on the prepared skin.


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